May 1, 2021

MacOS Big Sur 11.3: Change desktop background image for all desktops

If you just want the solution, it’s at the very bottom of this article.

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In MacOS Big Sur 11.3, it has now gotten harder to update the desktop background for all MacOS desktops in one operation. MacOS provides a way to set the desktop background image for the current desktop, but it doesn’t provide a way to set the background image for all desktops, there is no “Apply Image to All Desktops” button.

Previously you could work around this in a few ways (solutions from Stack Exchange):

  • Set the image in the preference panel in one desktop, then drag the panel to the other desktops via Mission Control. 1
  • Make the preference panel visible in all desktops, then switch through each desktop and click the same image. 2
  • AppleScript to tell every desktop to change its image 3
  • “Set the wallpaper for Desktop 1, delete all other desktops, then recreate them. New desktops created always share Desktop 1’s wallpaper.” 4

All but the last solution do not work any more. I don’t like deleting and recreating my desktops, so I decided to debug and fix the AppleScript solution.

Debugging AppleScript

Here is the AppleScript solution from Stack Exchange Apple:

tell application "System Events"
    tell every desktop
        set picture to "path/to/picture.png"
    end tell
end tell

I saved it to a file test.scpt. When I ran this, it only set the current desktop image, and no others. After some fiddling I confirmed that the “tell every desktop” block only ran once. You can verify this by just adding a log "here" after set picture.

At this point I wondered, is it just the “tell every” iterator broken? Maybe I can iterate the desktops by index. So I tried another Stack Exchange answer using indexing5:

tell application "System Events"
    set desktopCount to count of desktops
    repeat with desktopNumber from 1 to desktopCount
        tell desktop desktopNumber
            set picture to "/Library/Desktop Pictures/Beach.jpg"
        end tell
    end repeat
end tell

This also fails to iterate through the desktops. It only finds a single desktop, 1, regardless of which desktop you are on. I tried tell desktop 2 but that always fails even though I have 3 desktops. So iteration and indexing through MacOS desktops in AppleScript is broken. Time for another approach!

One-time Solution

After some research and trail-and-error, I came up with a solution.

Create AppleScript

Create a file called change_desktop.scpt:

on run picture_file
    tell application "System Events"
        tell desktop 1
            set picture to picture_file
        end tell
        tell application "System Events"
            key code 124 using {control down}
        end tell
        delay 0.5
    end tell
end run

This script will change the current desktop, then switch to the next desktop (on the right). on run picture_file is how you pass in a command line argument. I’m taking in the picture name as an argument. key code 124 using {control down} is telling AppleScript to hold down the control key and the right arrow. Then after setting the desktop image I call delay 0.5 because the tell application and tell desktop commands are actually nonblocking, and I need to wait to give them time to run else the image fails to set.

Zsh run script

Go to the leftmost desktop, then run the following:

NEW_PIC="/System/Library/Desktop Pictures/Peak.heic" # Change to your desired picture
NUM_DESKTOPS=5 # Change to the number of desktops at the top in Mission Control
for i in {0..NUM_DESKTOPS}; do osascript change_desktop.scpt $NEW_PIC; done

If you want it to be a one-liner, you can omit variables and just call it like this:

for i in {0..5}; do osascript change_desktop.scpt "/System/Library/Desktop Pictures/Peak.heic"; done

Here I am iterating through the desktops in zsh, because AppleScript only ever gets the desktop the script was started in (desktop 1). desktop 1 isn’t updated until you restart the AppleScript runtime, as far as I can tell.

Download my utility

If you find yourself running this often, I made a utility script for this use.

Download it and install it from the GitHub here

Then the same operation is as easy as:

desktop-image-switcher "/System/Library/Desktop Pictures/Peak.heic" 3

The first argument is the image to set, the second argument is the number of desktops. If you don’t specify a number of desktops, desktop-image-switcher will default to 5.

With this utility, I used the same approach as before, the only difference being I inlined the AppleScript into the zsh script and wrote them to temp files. That way the script is self-contained.

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